Bind Your RC Transmitter to Its Receiver (Using Arduino)

By Petr Kout, May 05, 2014

Bind Your RC Transmitter to Its Receiver (Using Arduino)

You purchased a transmitter and a receiver and now you need to make them talk to each other. How to do that? We’ll cover that in this tutorial.

Although the process of binding a transmitter to a receiver may vary from model to model, the basic set of steps tends to be the same for all. In this tutorial, we will be binding the inexpensive FS-CT6B transmitter to its FS-R8B receiver. Chances are that your receiver will have the pins located on the side instead of on top, but the idea is the same. Before we can do the binding, we need to power the receiver. Unlike the transmitter, it doesn’t have any batteries to power itself. We will use Arduino to power the receiver. If you have an RC plane or any other device that you can plug into the receiver, you can turn on that device while plugged into the reciever and it would power the receiver that way as well. So, let’s get started.

  • First, on the receiver, there are 7 slots (channel 1 through 6 and the BAT channel). The innermost pin is the PWM signal pin, the middle is the + pin and the outermost is the ground pin. Use channel 1 or any other channel (not the BAT channel) on the receiver and do the following. Using a wire, connect the ground pin (outermost) to the ground (GND) pin on Arduino. Then use another wire to connect the + pin (middle pin) to the 5V pin on Arduino. Lastly, use the binding cable that came with the receiver and plug in into the BAT channel. The picture below shows the setup.

    Arduino receiver

    Now, follow the steps below in this exact order

  • Turn on your Arduino by plugging in the USB port cable or power supply. At this point, your receiver should start blinking in red, which means its waiting for the binding signal.

  • Hold the bind button on your transmitter and while holding it, turn on the transmitter. At that point, the flashing on the receiver should stop and the LED should turn solid red. I marked the bind button on this transmitter by the red circle on the picture below.

    Transmitter arduino

  • Release the bind button, don’t turn off the transmitter yet.

  • Pull out the binding cable from the receiver.

  • Turn off the receiver by unplugging the Arduino from its power source.

  • Turn off the transmitter. You’re done. At this point, your transmitter should be bound to your receiver.