My passions lie in the intersection of the hardware and software worlds. I earned an undergraduate degree in physics at Columbia University where I was also fortunate to apply my education as an astrophysics researcher during my senior year as well as for 4 years full time after graduation. My work included electromagnetic wave filter (frequency selective surfaces) computational simulation physics, fabrication, as well as testing the fabricated filters on our laboratory interferometer.


Later I worked with Prof. Szabolcs Marka on optical tracking systems and gravitational wave detector data processing software. This line of work required knowledge of physics, hardware engineering, and software engineering in concert to build the required apparatus.

mouse tracking

In 2015, I joined a robotics startup Bond, where I eventually worked in the role of a director of technology. Bond presented an attractive hands on as well as leadership opportunity to orchestrate software and hardware work to deliver value. Bond ended up acquired by Newell Brands. I was offered the opportunity to join the newly formed team at Newell to work in a leadership role on bringing digital innovation into Newell’s existing long line of household name brands’ products.


Integrating software and hardware, bringing in computer vision, machine learning, and mixing it all to do great science and build exciting new products continues being my driver and passion.

stage electronics

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Formal Education

Columbia University

2007 • 2009 • BS in Physics

Work Experience

  • Software Engineering
  • DevOps
  • Technology Team Leadership
  • Mechatronics
  • Robotics